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In-Plant Rug Cleaning & Washing

In-plant rug cleaning is recommended for your loose rugs. Some rugs should not be clean on-site depending on fabric and treatment needed, let's say your pet urinated on your beautiful rugs and you want them cleaned on-site. That will not be such a good idea since this rug might need a couple treatments and proper drying since you want it cleaned on-site you might end up with your house smelling like urine or a ruined rug due to not proper drying. That's why in-plant rug cleaning is highly recommended.

Rug Cleaning Washing

Rug Cleaning Steps From Start To Finish

  • In Shop Inspection
  • Dusting Out Rug
  • Rug Vacuuming
  • Rug Set Up For Washing
  • Rug Washing
  • Rug Treatment (if necessary for odors or pet urine) Additional Charge
  • Rug Rinsing
  • Rug Speed Drying Process
  • Rug Wrap Up & Delivery
Rug Vacuuming Rug Steaming Rug Being Rung Out