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Carpet Cleaning & Flood Water Extraction Steps.

All this is included with our special $35 per Room for carpet cleaning only. 

Welcome to the Select Steam Carpet Inc. Carpet Cleaning  information page. We are the premier provider of Carpet Cleaning. Our goal is to provide the very best in Carpet ,Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning. Because our quality control standards are high, our Technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the best experience. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a list of our carpet cleaning steps.

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  • We start by inspecting your carpet for the best carpet cleaning  experience and to point out any permanent damage or permanent stains.Letting our technicians know what the stain was caused by can increase the chances of removal.

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Pre Scrubbing

The open areas and high traffic lanes are shampooed with a rotary machine,stairs are prescrubed as well.This loosens up the soil for easier extraction and a way deeper cleaning .Most companies will charge extra for this we don't.The Shampoo will rinse when we proceed to steam clean leaving no residue behind.

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Moving Furniture

We only move light furniture such as end tables, coffee tables,chairs and other light furniture . NOTE We don't move beds,tv stands  dressers, china cabinets or brakeable items.We then set the light furniture on foam blocks or taps to protect your carpet from furniture legs bleeding or staining.

Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Hot Water Extraction

We steam clean your carpet with the best solutions in the industry.We only use quality products and residue free agents.This cleaning method  helps kill bacteria and germs that makes your carpet healthier for your kids & Family.

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Spot Removal

After everything is done we treat stubborn stains that were left behind treating them individually and rinsing once more.

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Drying Time

Our cleaning method helps provide your carpets to dry a lot faster.Drying should take hours not days. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Pews cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Did You Get A Flood & Need Water Extraction Call Us Now.

The Main thing when getting a flood is to take care of it right away. Don't wait around until you get to it that will cause bigger problems such as mold ,having to get rid of your padding or carpet or even bigger damages.

water damage
  • We start by inspecting the water damage to see the condition and  if the carpet and padding can still be save.
  • We proceed to extract the  water from the carpet and padding.
carpet drying
  • After extracting the water we will clean and sanitized the carpet to avoid any mold or odors.
  • Our Techs will need to lift the carpet from the edges and corners to place blower in between the carpet and padding to properly dry the carpet.
water extraction
  • The blowers will be left on overnight up to 48hrs to make sure everything is done properly.
  • Worst case scenarios if you padding needs to be replace we will remove it and only apply the steps to the carpet and later you will be able to have some one replace the padding.
  • Once everything is done we will come back, and pick up the blowers and put the carpet back, but calling a carpet cleaning installer to stretch and put the carpet back is recommended.